Listing androidperms

Name Droid Risk Rating
add or remove accounts -1.0 Edit
receive data from Internet -1.0 Edit
create accounts and set passwords -1.0 Edit
use accounts on the device -1.0 Edit
read Google service configuration -1.0 Edit
In-app purchases -1.0 Edit
edit your text messages (SMS or MMS) -1.0 Edit
read call log -1.0 Edit
control media playback and metadata access -1.0 Edit
download files without notification -1.0 Edit
write call log -1.0 Edit
manage document storage -1.0 Edit
view configured accounts -1.0 Edit
YouTube -1.0 Edit
read Home settings and shortcuts -1.0 Edit
install shortcuts -1.0 Edit
uninstall shortcuts -1.0 Edit
read your own contact card -1.0 Edit
Broadcast data messages to apps. -1.0 Edit
Access email provider data -1.0 Edit
read terms you added to the dictionary -1.0 Edit
add words to user-defined dictionary -1.0 Edit
Send download notifications. -1.0 Edit
Exchanges messages and receives sync notifications from Google servers. -1.0 Edit
Google Play license check -1.0 Edit
full license to interact across users -1.0 Edit
read your Web bookmarks and history -1.0 Edit
bind to an accessibility service -1.0 Edit
write Home settings and shortcuts -1.0 Edit
write web bookmarks and history -1.0 Edit
display unauthorized windows -1.0 Edit
delete other apps' caches -1.0 Edit
precise location (GPS and network-based) 0.1038 Edit
take pictures and videos 0.0127 Edit
read phone status and identity 0.1578 Edit
control vibration 0.064 Edit
view network connections 0.0592 Edit
retrieve running apps 0.1992 Edit
read your contacts 0.2211 Edit
view Wi-Fi connections 0.1536 Edit
draw over other apps 0.0107 Edit
access Bluetooth settings 0.0326 Edit
disable your screen lock 0.4387 Edit
add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners' knowledge 0.0637 Edit
find accounts on the device 0.022 Edit
read the contents of your USB storage 0.0879 Edit
modify or delete the contents of your USB storage 0.0879 Edit
run at startup 0.1481 Edit
full network access 0.0815 Edit
receive text messages (SMS) 0.639 Edit
send SMS messages 0.6264 Edit
read your text messages (SMS or MMS) 0.7241 Edit
read sensitive log data 0.3681 Edit
record audio 0.0454 Edit
change network connectivity 0.1629 Edit
change your audio settings 0.0298 Edit
pair with Bluetooth devices 0.0279 Edit
send sticky broadcast 0.0319 Edit
access USB storage filesystem 0.3277 Edit
connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi 0.478 Edit
close other apps 0.3726 Edit
read calendar events plus confidential information 0.0 Edit
directly call phone numbers 0.3328 Edit
control flashlight 0.0089 Edit
change system display settings 0.1858 Edit
modify system settings 0.0937 Edit
modify your contacts 0.4427 Edit
read sync settings 0.0157 Edit
toggle sync on and off 0.0833 Edit
set wallpaper 0.1114 Edit
control Near Field Communication 0.0 Edit
read battery statistics 0.0038 Edit
allow Wi-Fi Multicast reception 0.0 Edit
read sync statistics 0.0 Edit
receive text messages (MMS) 0.4898 Edit
reroute outgoing calls 0.3099 Edit
make/receive SIP calls 0.0 Edit
measure app storage space 0.1444 Edit
delete all app cache data 0.0987 Edit
expand/collapse status bar 0.268 Edit
prevent device from sleeping 0.0889 Edit
read instant messages 1.0 Edit
read subscribed feeds -1.0 Edit
write subscribed feeds -1.0 Edit
set an alarm -1.0 Edit
Other -1.0 Edit
change screen orientation -1.0 Edit
add or remove a device admin -1.0 Edit
modify/delete internal media storage contents -1.0 Edit
modify secure system settings -1.0 Edit
disable or modify status bar -1.0 Edit
Access download manager. -1.0 Edit
bind to a wallpaper -1.0 Edit
power device on or off -1.0 Edit
interact across users -1.0 Edit
choose widgets -1.0 Edit
set preferred apps -1.0 Edit
mock location sources for testing -1.0 Edit
update component usage statistics -1.0 Edit
manage trusted credentials -1.0 Edit
manage preferences and permissions for USB devices -1.0 Edit
manage users -1.0 Edit
enable or disable app components -1.0 Edit
transmit infrared -1.0 Edit
modify phone state -1.0 Edit
Modify Google service configuration -1.0 Edit
act as the AccountManagerService -1.0 Edit
read your social stream -1.0 Edit
write to your social stream -1.0 Edit
access checkin properties -1.0 Edit
Google Voice -1.0 Edit
Read email attachments -1.0 Edit
Google Maps -1.0 Edit
access all Google services -1.0 Edit
access other Google services -1.0 Edit
Google Docs -1.0 Edit
Google Spreadsheets -1.0 Edit
modify app ops statistics -1.0 Edit
modify your own contact card -1.0 Edit
change/intercept network settings and traffic -1.0 Edit
bind to a notification listener service -1.0 Edit
YouTube usernames -1.0 Edit
send SMS-received broadcast -1.0 Edit
directly call any phone numbers -1.0 Edit
capture audio output -1.0 Edit
Google mail -1.0 Edit
body sensors (like heart rate monitors) -1.0 Edit
directly install apps -1.0 Edit
delete apps -1.0 Edit
force stop other apps -1.0 Edit
delete other apps' data -1.0 Edit
Access all system downloads -1.0 Edit
interact with a device admin -1.0 Edit
retrieve app ops statistics -1.0 Edit
test hardware -1.0 Edit
control system backup and restore -1.0 Edit
set time -1.0 Edit
read frame buffer -1.0 Edit
access SurfaceFlinger -1.0 Edit
connect and disconnect from WiMAX -1.0 Edit
Change WiMAX state -1.0 Edit
bind to an input method -1.0 Edit
allow Bluetooth pairing by Application -1.0 Edit
permission to install a location provider -1.0 Edit
approximate location (network-based) 0.121 Edit
access extra location provider commands 0.128 Edit
erase USB storage 0.0 Edit
adjust your wallpaper size 0.277 Edit
modify battery statistics 0.0038 Edit
reorder running apps 0.0857 Edit
make app always run 0.0217 Edit
receive text messages (WAP) 1.0714 Edit
enable app debugging 0.0 Edit
status bar 0.268 Edit
retrieve running apps 0.1992 Edit
set time zone 0.0 Edit
force background apps to close 0.0 Edit