Blackjack Online – Where you have to Play the dealer, not the cards

A typical view of an in play online blackjack game

Blackjack is one of the oldest games within the casino bracket. With it being widely accepted that it originated around the 1700’s. It’s a game we have all played and enjoyed at some point in our life. By bringing blackjack online to you with the assistance of, you can now enjoy it wherever you are, whenever you like. Blackjack online is one of the most popular online casino games and it will be for a long time to come and you can play it for free or at an online casino venue. So let us look at more on blackjack online for free in this article.

The rules of online blackjack are extremely simplistic and easy to follow, even for the beginner player

The basic rules of online blackjack are simple. Each player around the table, including the dealer, is dealt 2 cards facing down, the dealer has 1 card facing down and 1 card face up. You have to get 21 or as near to it without going over. The Ace is worth either 1 or 11 and all picture cards are worth 10. Once you have your 2 cards, you choose to hit or stand. Hit means you will be dealt an additional card, there is no limit to the amount of times you hit providing you don’t exceed 21 at which point you bust. When you are happy with your total amount, you then stand. The dealer has to get over 16 before he can stand. You are only trying to beat the dealer and the fact you can see 50% of their hand before you choose to hit or stand is very beneficial if used correctly.

Take advantage of the numerous blackjack online free options there are on many different casinos

Most casinos will allow you to demo games before you start betting real cash, thanks to the option blackjack online free. It is always worth doing this to get a feel for the game if you are new to it or have been away for a while. The free simulators are exactly the same as the real game and is excellent practice for you.

There are also some sites that give you the chance of winning real money from free blackjack

Gambling is fun so even if you’re playing for free, the sky is still the limit, some casinos still have real money games on the free casino options. Be sure to look out for different promotions and offers aimed at the blackjack games. When you’re playing free blackjack, it’s interesting to learn and develop the basic strategy. We will go into basic strategy in a bit more depth in the next section but the free online blackjack is the best place to learn it.

In the game of blackjack 21 is the score that you want, but basic strategy can cut the odds even if you’re low

You will see at the bottom of the page a chart with a lot of numbers and letter on. This is the basic strategy chart. It advises when to surrender your cards, when to split them, when to double down and when to hit or stand. Blackjack 21 can look very complicated but once you get into it, it is very straight forward. This is also the first point of the stage to counting cards, which I’m sure you’ve seen many representations of in Hollywood films.

So free online blackjack is always the optimum place to start and move on once everything is perfected

You can learn a lot of information about the game by playing for free. How often the deck is shuffled, when to double down your chips, which dealer hands can be a problem, it doesn’t take long and before you know it, you think you may keep a hand that previously you would have folded or vice versa. You may see a different version of the game or multiple versions, why not try them all out and see if you have any preference. You will notice yourself clearly getting better with the support that’s available on the free games. Things like when to take insurance or when to risk it. At what point is taking another card a mistake depending on the dealers top card obviously. And it doesn’t matter on the free games whether you win or lose, it is all about the experience on offer to you. The action stays the same whether you are betting with real money or not, you are still eligible for welcome bonuses and a few of the tables may feel luckier than others to you.

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